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Whether you are young or just young at heart, or healthy but concerned about how you are aging, or you have multiple medical issues and want an honest approach to restoring your body to optimal health, I will focus on your unique and individual needs to improve your overall health and wellness, restore your body's natural abilities to reverse and prevent disease, and live a peak performance life.


A fundamental truism of the human body is that it has the innate ability to protect itself, to heal itself, and to truly thrive throughout the life span, when it is is provided all of the essential elements required for optimal internal function, while also not being overburdened with external stresses impeding normal physiological function. Understanding the essential elements for health and enabling people to incorporate them into their lifestyle choices is the foundation what I offer.



People seek my services for many different reasons, ranging from mild to severe medical conditions, digestive problems, arthritis, problems with fatigue, chronic stress, burn-out, sleep and memory problems, overweight, thyroid disease, bone loss, menopause, andropause, and/or the desire for better health and optimal aging.  Unfortunately, it is all too common to be prescribed more and more medications as we approach middle age and our “golden” years.  But as the list of medications grows, and medical problems continue to mount, the years seem anything but “golden.”   Unlike modern pharmaceutical and insurance-based (purely allopathic) medicine today, I founded Your Hormone Doctor, Inc. to provide an approach different from the conventional models of disease-management.   I do not prescribe pharmaceutical drugs to manage symptoms and disease.  Rather, I focus on the root cause of symptoms and the essential elements of health to assist the body in restoring itself to optimal function, and thereby, naturally reverse imbalances and illness.  Even after decades of dependency on medications, my patients are able to reduce, and often entirely eliminate, all synthetic pharmaceutical medications as their body’s physiology improves through my expertise and support. You, too, can experience your entire Self (body, mind, and spirit) feeling and looking younger, stronger, and sharper even as your chronological age increases.  


At Your Hormone Doctor, Inc, the essential elements for optimal health are woven into my discussions with you in order to provide you with the personalized expertise and support you need to live strong, sharp, and vital at every age, and resolve the metabolic, hormonal, and inflammatory problems that are robbing your vitality and accelerating aging. Put simply, I am here to empower your decision to live well so you reap the rewards of truly living at your peak performance, possibly better that you previously thought possible.