"I was thrilled to find that Dr. Blackman was a practitioner who was willing to partner with me in achieving optimal and balanced hormonal health. Her intimate knowledge of Bioidentical Hormones is impressive and reassuring as she works diligently with each patient to make sure their therapy is personalized and tailored to suit their individual needs."  -FW


"My name is Frank Schwartz and I'm a software engineer.  About three years ago I was involved in an accident and lost my leg. Coming out of recovery I started to have problems. I had the finest doctors in the state working on me. Basically, if I was just walking from, say, my house to my garage - 30 feet - I'd break out in a sweat. I knew I had a problem.

So I went to a heart specialist and he wanted to give me another pill and I was already up to about six pills a day. I sensed that adding another pill wasn't going to solve the problem. So it just happened that Dr. Blackman was on the radio. Within two weeks of my initial visit with her, my sweating stopped. I could walk around again.

I got my weight down, and I never did have to take heart medicine. I figured my chemistry is all back in line, my system is back in order, and I'm cruising. It was truly a success story.

If you look at my record it looks like a disaster from one end to the other. When I went in there my blood pressure was probably like 150 over 90 or 95 and now it's just 128 over 80 like everybody else.

Dr. Blackman changed my life. If I would have continued with 'modern' medicine alone, I would be taking a half a dozen pills a day, and the only solutioin they had was just to give me more pills. It just wasn't working.

I'm an engineer. I'm trained that if you go down a path and it doesn't work, then you go down another path until you find one that works. And in this particular case conventional medicine didn't work so I went down that other path with Dr. Blackman and it worked. I think I'm a tough case because I've got a lot of things goingon that she was able to solve."


"My name is Ann Lennan and I'm a Vice President of the Society of Professional Benefit Administrators, a national trade association.  Traditional medicine offered me unacceptable solutions to my medical problems and I was desperately seeking alternatives.

I was faced with a chronic problem that lasted for twenty-five years, and lately, just seemed to be getting worse. It hurt my energy level. It hurt my happiness level. It hurt my whole outlook on life.

At work, I found it difficult to concentrate, which had an impact on my productivity on the job. Add to that my concern, anxiety and the extreme discomfort around my condition, and the result was an emotional impact which made life all the more difficult.

The only answer I continued to receive from my traditional medical doctors was synthetic drugs that had given me no relief in twenty-five years. Dr. Blackman and Mr. Gilbert provided a gently, non-invasive approach, with very positive side effects along with emotional support for my preferences. At one point I even needed emergency hospitalization, and Dr. Blackman helped me with that also.

I'm delighted with the outcome. I have more energy and the medical discomfort that I suffered with for twenty-five years vanished after only three months under the care of Dr. Blackman and Mr. Gilbert.  And it's just been going great ever since.

The difference in my life now is that before I had anxiety and pain. That has disappeared and my productivity and energy level has significantly increased.

I wanted to mention something else that's important, and it has to do with the kind of care I got from traditional medicine. The time and patience provided by Dr. Blackman and Mr. Gilbert was a welcome change to the hurried and impersonal care I had been receiving. They considered my entire person, my stress points and my spirituality as well as my specific medical problems.

Before, I considered my health level to be at a one and now I'm a ten. I mean the problem that I had was acutally life threatening, and it's just gone away."



"Two years ago I sought Dr. Blackman’s help with multiple symptoms that could not be resolved through conventional approaches: fatigue, high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and weight gain. I am delighted to say that Dr. Blackman’s thorough testing and wholistic approach has brought me back to “myself”—I sleep well, enjoy a healthy weight and increased energy, and my blood levels are now within the optimal range!" - CSM