There is a saying that states you can have everything in the world, but without your health you have nothing.  My entire mission is based on bringing true health and vibrancy to people in a way they learn to sustain for a lifetime.  



Humans need community and relationships to be healthy.  Every study on longevity in humans concludes that community support contributes very significantly to disease prevention, quality of life, and longevity. It seems obvious the opposite is also true.  That is, the healthier we are on an individual basis, the healthier our relationships will be, and the healthier our entire community will be.  I value your relationships, community connections, and my relationship with you. 



All of us our sexual beings.  And sexual activity, alone or with a partner, is a meaningful activity for most adults, to the end of life.  Unfortunately, poor health, medications, depression, disease, and menopause or andropause, often lead to sexual dysfunction, personal dissatisfaction, and considerable relationship problems.  Personalized natural hormone therapy can resolve many of the problems of sexual dysfunction often caused by accelerated aging or medications such as oral contraceptives and anti-depressants. Hormone optimization can revitalize many relationships too!



Whether your vocation is your life’s calling or simply a means to feed your family, it provides considerable meaning and value to most of us and to our community.  And the pressures to be successful in our vocation today often lead to stress-related health problems and, ironically, reduced work performance.  My mission is to optimize your mental and physical functioning so you live each day at your full potential, no matter what demands you have on your plate.  You’ll stop wasting energy and stop doing things that drain your health, drain your willpower, sabotage your purpose, and make your life feel overwhelming.  You will discover you can increase your capacity for everything you want in life, work, play, and family.



Everyone knows the consistent advice at the beginning of every flight, "In the event of an emergency, put the oxygen mask on yourself before you help someone else."   During my entire medical education, residency training, and years working as a physician, I have been asking the question, "How should I be living to be optimally healthy?  Unfortunately, medical school never answered my questions, which is why you see so many unhealthy medical doctors who do not know what to tell you to do other than to take pharmaceutical drugs, because that it their only training (and they never challenge authority).  I realized very early in my medical training that pharmaceutical drugs are never what the body truly needs to be healthy.  Pharmaceutical drugs can be very helpful for a short-term emergency, but not for chronic lifestyle diseases!  Even antibiotics only work if a person has a healthy immune system.  So what is necessary to keep a healthy immune system?  Or how do you restore an immune system (or any other body system) once it has gone awry? 

The truth is that I went to medical school asking not only that question, but asking how should we live to be optimally healthy in every way.  I was very sickly throughout my childhood and young adulthood and I wanted answers to my own health problems when I started medical school.  (I started medical school at the age of 28.)   Now, 28 years later at the age of 56, I can say it has taken me a half a lifetime of personal education and many years of clinical practice to understand real answers to my questions. Through personal study and years of trial and error on myself, I now live my life in a way that makes me feel energetic, free of body pain (most of the time unless I've over-trained or injured myself hiking), passionate about living, and filled with excitement for new adventures to come into my life.   To achieve and maintain that energy and vitality, I have learned to eat mostly a whole-food plant-based diet.  I practice yoga and/or exercise vigorously daily.  I meditate daily.  I do things I love.  And I use the same custom-dosed, bio-identical hormones and the high-quality dietary supplements that I prescribe and recommend in my practice.   All of these things work in a synergistic fashion to enable cells to regenerate in an environment of optimal nutrients, hormones, oxygen, and mindset to support optimal functioning of the body.