Did you know that the range of "normal" for almost all laboratory tests in conventional medicine is merely where 90% of people fell for that specific test in the past year at that geographic location in the country?  This includes all people tested at that location, regardless of their health and disease status, and regardless of the amount of medications they were on!  This means the range of "normal" on reports from LabCorp, Quest Diagnostic, and hospital laboratories is not based on any understanding of an optimal range for the average human, or what the optimal value might be for you and the physiological demands of your lifestyle, and the nutrient depletion caused by any past or current medications you may be taking.  So, if you are being told by your doctors that your labs are "normal", yet you don't feel as though you are at optimal health, you are right!  Dr. Blackman utilizes the optimal "functional" range when evaluating your test results in order to identify areas of deficiencies, and she works with you to bring everything to optimal levels through natural replenishment of nutrients and hormones, as appropriate for you, including optimizing your absorption and detoxification pathways.

Specialty Testing for Optimal Health, Wellness and Aging includes: 

  • Extensive Thyroid and Sex Hormone Testing for Optimal Levels and Balance

  • Blood nutrient measurements

  • Bio-Impedance Body Composition Measurements of Skeletal Muscle and Fat Mass  

  • And many other clinical indicators of weak or imbalanced metabolic functioning