Dr. Blackman offers a select portfolio of pharmaceutical grade supplements that are recommended to support a variety of customized treatment plans designed by our Medical Director.  These nutraceuticals are in a class by themselves.   Unlike the plethora of commercial supplements that are made available in health food stores and online, our nutraceuticals are available exclusively through health care professionals.  The products we carry offer superior results because they are based on scientific research to provide the optimal forms and dosing of the nutrients in the way they can best be utilized in the body, and they are manufactured with the highest quality standards of guaranteed purity, potency, and gmo-free ingredients.   In addition, the products and dosages from Dr. Blackman are selected specifically for you and your specific needs in consultation with our health care professionals.  

Consider the benefits of switching from your current supplement regimen to a scientifically-based supplement program designed specifically for your needs, and with proven health benefits.